Pritt History

Pritt History

In 1969, Henkel invented the world's first glue stick, and since then the world of gluing has never been the same. Discover the most memorable facts and events that have happened since the brand's launch, such as the change of design over the years and technological evolution. Take a look at Pritt's background and see how our worldwide brand was built and how it was launched into space.


In 1969 Henkel invents the world's first glue stick after studying the "twist-up ease" and convenience of lipstick applicators. Since then, the world of gluing has never been the same, as consumers finally had a clean and convenient method of gluing! Almost 50 years after the first "tubed glue" hit the market, Henkel has sold over 1 billion glue sticks in 121 countries, distinguishing Pritt as a true worldwide brand.


The Pritt stick becomes available in 38 countries. More and more people start to recognise the brand and its quality production.


The Design Stick is launched and the glue is now easier to use.


In 1995 Henkel purchases the roller business from German company Pelikan. Under its leadership as the leading world adhesive manufacturer, Henkel further expands its roller range to include new, compact and ergonomic designs for correcting and gluing.


In 1999, Henkel brings "dry" highlighting to the market as the newest addition to its roller range. This unique highlighter is both dry and erasable. Additionally, Henkel enters the tape market with the invention of the one-handed tape roller.


While others enter the new millennium in a BIG way, Henkel starts the year 2000 with the introduction of the narrowest-width correction roller pen for single character corrections. Now even the smallest mistakes can be quickly covered with just the stroke of a pen!


Pritt is not only a worldwide brand, in March 2001 it literally becomes a "universe-wide" one! On March 17 2001, at precisely 09:23, a Soyuz rocket lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodome in Kazakhstan carrying a cargo of Pritt products bound for the International Space Station (ISS). On board, Russian Cosmonaut Yury Usachev, Commander of the ISS, personally tests the Pritt products. Upon rigorous daily use under zero-gravity and other extreme space conditions, Pritt is officially awarded the exclusive seal of "Space-Proof Quality".


In 2003 Henkel launches some exciting new products: "PowerPritt" combines the power of a multi-purpose glue with the convenient form of a Glue Stick. "No More Scissors" is a clear tape with serrated edges so it can be easily torn by hand. "KidsArt" is our comprehensive crafting range. And last, but not least, are our new "Refill Rollers" (Gluing and Correction): they are smaller, better and contain a 17% longer tape.


Introducing the "Correction Comfort Roller" Pritt enables the consumer to correct even sideways. The consistent development of the roller range pays off: the "Correction Comfort Roller" follows the success of the Pritt "Glue Compact Roller", winner of the innovation contest "Product of the Year" (FVKK). Due to its outstanding design, the Pritt correction roller for sideways correction receives the "Red Dot Design Award 2005".


Pritt introduces its range of liquid glues, available in 40g and 90g bottles. The unique shape of the bottles allows easy and precise handling for all kinds of crafting jobs. Its ergonomic shape and solvent-free formula make this glue ideal for children. For younger children, Pritt developed a special pony and pirate range.


This year is memorable for the launch of the "ECOmfort Correction Roller" with shells made from 89% renewable materials. It was awarded 3rd place at the Hannover Fair 2010 for "Bio-based Material of the Year".
In the same year, Pritt reveals its new "Refill Roller" range, with midway and sideway correction rollers, made from approximately 50% recycled plastic.


Pritt launches the new “Best Pritt Stick Ever”, which, thanks to its new 90% natural ingredients formula*, is safer for kids to use and is even smoother, stronger and cleaner than ever.  It is ideal for all paper and cardboard crafting projects. (*incl. water)


This year Pritt relaunches its coloured glue sticks for fun decoration. The coloured Pritt Stick stay coloured in pink and green! Children can decorate their crafts by adding glitter or anything else they can imagine. Also available in the Rainbow colour range, four sticks in different colours to decorate in an even more colorful way. And, even better still, all products are available in Pritt’s unique 90% natural ingredients formula (incl. water).


The original Pritt Stick comes with a magic twist! Pritt relaunches the Magic Stick in the unique, patented 90% natural ingredients formula*. The Magic Blue Stick goes on blue but dries transparent, so children know where they have already applied glue when they are crafting (*incl. water)


Pritt launches the new Glitter Glue Sticks in red and yellow. Kids can enjoy unlimited creativity, ease of handling and use, plus excellent drying time and performance. Parents can be reassured as the formula is based on 90% natural ingredients*, it is washable at low temperatures, affordable and therefore mess free! (*incl. water).


Pritt launches new correction and glue rollers. No more correction tearing thanks to the new flexible nib that allows you to correct in any direction. New glue rollers with a new generation of adhesion tape, no more tearing and stringing. Smooth and precise application for clean correction and gluing.