Compact flex roller

Features and benefits

The Pritt Compact Roller ensures even better handling due to its improved ergonomic shape. Its smooth application makes this roller a clever solution for occasional use. This roller has a self correction wind-up mechanism plus a tightening screw for double protecting.

The Pritt Compact Roller features 4.2mm (thin) or 8.4mm (broad) tape width and 8.5m tape length..

Application Areas

  • Paper


Step 1

Remove the cap, put the roller at 45° on the surface and pull it from left to right to correct a whole sentence.

Step 2

If you only want to correct one letter, reverse the roller and push it from right to left.

Step 3

The flexible nib prevents the correction layer from tearing by adjusting to the application angle.


Pritt advanced technology Flexible nib

The flexible nib ensures smooth application from beginning to the end.

We offer the Pritt Compact Roller with two tape widths

4.2mm: for correcting single lines of typed text

8.4mm: for correcting large areas and handwritten text

Quality from Henkel

Pritt Correction Rollers are:

  • solvent-free
  • acid-free ...

... and made in Germany.